There is more to CherFit Online than working out. Your body is a machine and it takes fuel to power that machine. At CherFit we need to make sure you’re using the right fuel for your body to push it to its optimal ability. You’ve probably heard a million times over that nutrition is 80% of the battle and it’s true. Running on the treadmill all day or doing pushups isn’t going the make much of a difference in your life if you’re putting the wrong type of fuel into your body. So whether you are trying to gain muscle mass or lose weight it’s extremely important to know the amount of food to eat, the types of food to eat and when to eat them.

CherFit Online is here to customize your nutrition to suit your needs and your goals as well as keep you accountable with progress pictures and measurements. Unfortunately there are too many companies out there pushing “healthy” options which are nothing more that exaggerated marketing ploys that make you think you’re eating well. Stop counting up points or drinking 8 gallons of juice or whatever other fad is out there that ultimately fails. Get a custom nutrition plan from CherFit Online, stick to the plan and get lasting results.

Nutrition Rates:

Initial Nutrition program: $125

  • 2 weeks of coaching

Nutritional Updates: $65 per