Frisco, Texas Personal Trainer &  Licensed Massage Therapist

Transforming Your Life

Fitness and health have played a central role in Cher’s life as she competed in team sports from grade school through college and also competing at a national level in N.P.C sanctioned figure/physique competitions for a decade.  She combines the Sciences of Physiology, Anatomy and Kinesiology with the lessons learned from a lifetime of competing to create a unique personal training style that changes bodies and lives.

The 25-year industry veteran combines an expertise in fitness, strength training and nutrition to build life changing relationships with her clients. Cher unleashes the true potential of her clients as they discover or rediscover the athlete that’s hidden inside of them. Cher’s clients develop an approach to life that creates the energy and confidence to maximize them personally and professionally.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

(American Council on Exercise)

Certified Nutritional Counselor

(Precision Nutrition Certification)

CPR Certification

(American Red Cross)

A.C.E. Functional Training

(Function Training Certification)

BA in Sports Management 

(Minor in Athletic Training)